Jewelry Gifts (Under $50)

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Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Birth Month Flower Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Personalized Name Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Story Of The Earth Bracelets
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Future Depends On Today Ring
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Personalized Graduation Necklace - Silver..
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Custom Birthstone Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Mini Peas In The Pod Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shoe Shopper Watch In Gold (Large)
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shopper Mom Charm Bracelet In Gold
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Real Aspen Leaf Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Nameplate Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Necklace Eyeglass Holder
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shopper Mom Watch In Gold (Large)
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shopper Mom Charm Bracelet In Silver
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shopper Mom Charm Necklace In Gold
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shoe Shopper Watch In Silver (Large)
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Semi Precious Stone Wrap Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shopper Mom Watch In Silver (Large)
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Shopper Mom Charm Necklace In Silver
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Alex And Ani Birthstone Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Mother Definition Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Youre One Of A Kind Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Pressed Flower Butterfly Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Alex And Ani Places We Love Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Personalized Name Birthstone Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Diamond Knot Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Swarovski Elements Pendant Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Nurse Charm Word Engraved Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Bead Leather Wrap Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Cubic Zirconia Heart Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Mom, I Love You To The Moon And Back
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Caffeine Molecule Cast Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Be Graffiti Charm Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Love You To The Moon & Back (Necklace)
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Handmade Jewelry Art Pendant
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Bow And Arrow Pendant Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Tree Of Life Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Heart Of Gold Bangles
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Love Catch Bangle Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Diamond-Accent Butterfly Heart Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Jewelry Tree W/ Bird Nest
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Live The Life You Love Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):I Love You Daughter Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Mens Black Titanium Magnetic Bracelet
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Grandma Heart Necklace
Jewelry Gifts (Under $50):Blue Opal Frog Pendant

Expert Tips

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7 Tips for Giving Jewelry Gifts That Surprise and Shine

When it comes to handwritten notes of love and sweet tokens of affection for her, we say bring it on. Those are all grand and good. What will really make her swoon, as you may have guessed, are gifts that come in small packages. Namely, a jewel that sparkles. Shopping for jewelry gifts for her can feel less clear than that conflict-free diamond. So here's your guide to jewelry gifts whether you're shopping for something symbolic, sparkly, personalized, customized, or simply pretty. She'll be happy when she opens the box.


Pinned and Hearted

Jewelry is so personal in terms of what particular style she would like. So check out her Pinterest for inspiration. If she uses the marketplace Etsy, with its many indie jewelry shops, you can also get clues from the shops and pieces she’s added to her favorites. Even if you don’t shop her online wishlist directly, you’ll get a better sense of her unique style.


Size Matters

With certain jewelry gifts for a girlfriend (ahem, engagement gifts), you want to know her ring size, especially for something customized. If you don’t know, you can sneak one of her other rings to a jeweler and they can size it for you. And husbands, check her current bling to get the sizing right for jewelry gifts for your wife.


World View

Before shopping jewelry gifts for her, consider questions like: is sustainability important to her? What about knowing the artist and the story behind the piece? Try to line up your gift with her personal values.


Right Timing

If you’re thinking about personalized jewelry gifts or getting something custom made, be sure to do the math on how long it will take to design, make, and ship it. You don’t want to find yourself empty-handed on Christmas!


What a Gem

You’re thinking on jewelry gifts for mom to mark her milestone birthday. Be sure to look up which birthstone matches her birthday before ordering. Check the American Gem Society for answers. Other important facts to know: What type of jewelry does she wear? Earrings? Stud earrings or dangling hoops? Brooches? Pendant necklaces? If you have no clue, check her jewelry box or ask someone who’d know — like her sister.


Channel BFFs

You may be shopping jewelry gifts for friends, in which case you’re not researching diamonds. Grownup charms with your friends’ initials or names (or names of their kiddos) are a nod to the past — just be doubly sure you have names spelled correctly. Looking at friendship bracelets? Be sure you’re matching her fashion style to the jewelry. Is your friend’s style more bohemian or glam? Punk or classic?  


Get it Insured

If you’re thinking big with jewelry gifts for your wife, you’ll want to consider jewelry insurance. Or check your existing policy carefully to be sure the jewels will be covered — just in case.


Make Your Mark

Engraving jewelry doesn't have to be an overt monogram or first name. You can ask an engraver to make a little inscription on the inside with a phrase, an important date, or a word that has special meaning for you.  


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