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Find over 24 best personalized gift ideas (under $200) in 2024

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Personal Gifts: How to Customize Your Presents

Giving a personalized gift is a very intimate gesture. This kind of gift can belong to no one but the person for whom it is intended. There are plenty of ways to offer personal gifts to people you love. Here are a few of them. 


Honor Friendship

There are few things more heartwarming than a gift tailored specifically to honor the beauty of friendship. Whether it's a picture frame engraved with a warm quote and filled with a memorable photo or a wall hanging paying homage to the value on kinship, this personal gift is a winner.


Honor Family Connections

For most people, family trumps everything. Try a photo collage filled with pictures of the family over the years, a locket with a beloved relative's image inside, or even a gift featuring the family crest - or the family's surname.


Show What You Know

Personalize gifts in uncommon ways by selecting something in their favorite color, scent, team, brand, etc. It doesn't have to have their name to be personalized, you know.


Use the Recipient's Name

Everything from pillows and blankets to clothing and jewelry can be emblazoned with someone's name. If his or her real moniker doesn't seem personal enough, use an endearing nickname.


Monogram It

Monogramming a tote bag, towels, or a blanket (just a few of many examples) is a great personal gift for an individual or a couple. Monograms tend to be preppy in style, so keep this in mind when considering the recipient(s) of your gift.


Reference a Beloved Quote

Sometimes, a quote or saying resonates and brings two people together. Use that quote on home décor, clothing, or an accessory for a profoundly meaningful personal gift.


Don't Just Pick Any Old Thing to Personalize

This might seem silly to put but sometimes people are desperate and end up buying a gift that has nothing to do with the recipient except that it is emblazoned with their name or initials. This is the telltale sign of a thoughtless or stress-induced gift purchase.

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