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Romantic Gifts:Thought Bubble Couples Pillowcases
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Romantic Gifts:What I Love About You Journal
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Puzzle Family Ornament
Romantic Gifts:Love You & Love You More Pillowcases
Romantic Gifts:Hooked On You Fishing Lure
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Photo Coffee Mugs - White -..
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Coupon Booklet
Romantic Gifts:Quiz Book For Couples
Romantic Gifts:Water Bottle With Storage Compartment
Romantic Gifts:Sexy Truth Or Dare
Romantic Gifts:Champagne Glasses Wedding Frame
Romantic Gifts:Loving Nickname Mug
Romantic Gifts:I Pick You Key Chain
Romantic Gifts:Romantic Keepsake Wood Postcard
Romantic Gifts:What I Love About Us Fill In The Love Journal
Romantic Gifts:What I Love About You Fill In The Love Journal
Romantic Gifts:Vouchers For Lovers
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Street Signs For Couples
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Romantic Mug Set
Romantic Gifts:Letter In A Bottle
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Precious Moments Bride & Groom..
Romantic Gifts:Liquid Candles
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Photo Slate Wall Plaque
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Ladies Briefs
Romantic Gifts:The Goatee Shaving Template
Romantic Gifts:Bed Of Roses Gift Set
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Carved In Love Picture Frame -..
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie
Romantic Gifts:Our Life Together Keepsake
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Picture Frames - Loving Couple
Romantic Gifts:Romantic Picture Frames
Romantic Gifts:Youre All I Need Keepsake
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Photo Frame
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Keepsake
Romantic Gifts:Engraved Lipstick Case - Makeup Motto
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Wedding Picture Frames - Mr And..
Romantic Gifts:Personalized 14 Throw Pillow - Romantic..
Romantic Gifts:Merlot Infused Coffee
Romantic Gifts:Flirty Aprons Original Paris Plum Apron
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Chopsticks
Romantic Gifts:Our Love Story Picture Frame
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Glass Anniversary Picture..
Romantic Gifts:Custom Boxer Shorts - Black
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Picture Frame - I Love You..
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Valentines Day Keepsake Gifts..
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Garden Stones
Romantic Gifts:Personalized Picture Frame Cube
Romantic Gifts:Kiss Me And Then Kiss Me Again Personalized..

Expert Tips

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Guide to Perfectly Heartfelt Romantic Gifts

Treating your partner to a gift that expresses your love and devotion can only lead to good things. We all like to feel celebrated and appreciated - and when there's romance in the air those feelings are natural accompaniments. There are many different directions to go in when choosing romantic gifts, so here are a few ideas to get you started:


Bring on the Sexy

A naughty book, some chocolate body paint, or maybe a game of Sexy Truth or Dare can be all it takes to stoke the fire. Think about what turns both of you on.


Get Creative

Consider unique gifts that no one would give her but her main squeeze. A notepad for daily love notes is the romantic gift that keeps on giving, or a book about your personal Love Story can be read for generations to come! 


Make It Meaningful

Whether it's an engraved frame with the date of your engagement or a custom beach heart necklace that contains sand from your honeymoon beach, an extra dose of personalization goes a long way.


Be Artsy

If she's the creative type, woo her with an artistic gift. Make a Pop Art portrait from a snapshot, or turn a regular photo into a fancy oil painting for an instant romantic gift! 


Go Whimsical

Love doesn't have to be serious all the time. Something quirky, like a heart-shaped umbrella or an adorable Precious Moments figurine, becomes everyday reminders of the romance you share.


Make Them Laugh

Cheeky boxer shorts (pun intended) or a flashy personalized fishing lure ("I'm hooked on you!") can instigate giggly fun.


Appeal to the Senses

Ideally, love is a full sensory experience. A double-flamed scented candle gives your home the perfect ambience for romance, while a box of chocolate soaps fascinates smell, taste and touch!

Gift Guides

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Surprise Her With These Dreamy Gifts for Your Fiancee

First comes love, then comes engagement, then comes feeling totally stumped on what to give your girl. You nailed the proposal, and now you two lovebirds are set to be married. But the gift-giving does not end there! Between special occasions (holidays, birthdays) and wanting to surprise your love with small gifts sometimes (just 'cause), you're looking for help in the gift department. Here's a complete list of ideas for what to give your sweet fiancée.

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A Cheatsheet of Gift Ideas for Your Adorable Future Husband

Your fiancé gives you butterflies whenever he walks in the room or puts his arm around you. It's safe to say you're smitten. Now that you're scouting out gifts for your fiancé, you're looking for something romantic that shows how he gives you all the feels. Keep in mind that romance for a guy does not need to be wrapped up in a heart. Even an awesome travel bag, given with a wink that you should go away together, can make for an oh-so-romantic gift. 

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