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The Complete Guide to Impressive Birthday Gifts for a Sister

Sisters are a special bunch who masterfully know how to braid hair, find fun things to do on vacation, and make everyone else's birthday feel magical. Here's how to swoop in with birthday gifts for your sister that celebrate the special, funny, loving, awesome person she is. Whether your sister is older (and sometimes wiser), younger (and wiser in ways you didn't expect), or the very same age (twinsies!), we've set you up with the very best birthday gift ideas for your sister.


For the older sister

Show her that you've taken a page from her book on valuing the art of simplicity. Think on birthday gift ideas for your sister that are anything but flashy - and all about taking time for simple pleasures. Set her up to have her fave food (whether it's stinky cheese or creamy gelato) delivered to her door for the ultimate indulgence. If she's an entertaining extraordinaire, a chic serving dish is sure to win smiles.


For the younger sister

That younger sister of yours makes beauty look effortless. Think of birthday gifts for your sister that are already part of her beauty uniform (and maybe you've made part of your routine, too.) Give her that perfect lipstick or her favorite hair accessories to celebrate her ever-girly style. Younger sisters often exhibit acute cases of wanderlust, so travel-themed birthday gifts for your sister are sure to be well-received - maybe you two can even do a sister trip together.


For your twin sister

She taught you to how to make friendship bracelets, and she's always been your very best friend. Celebrate the sides of her that are unique, the little-but-big differences that are known just to you. It could be as simple as she prefers tea to your coffee, or as deeply sentimental as a memory book chronicling her life thus far.


For the faraway sister

No matter the age difference, sometimes the vast distance in zip codes can make sisters feel rather disconnected. Here's your chance to remind her how much she means to you. Look for a sweet gift that highlights how she's always close to your heart.


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