Tea Gift Ideas (Under $100)

Find over 1 best tea gift ideas (under $100) in 2024

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7 Tips for Finding the Finest Tea Gifts

Tea lovers are just as faithful to their brews as coffee lovers are loyal to their beans. You're in need of tea drinker gifts, yet tea is not your drink of choice. Here's a tidbit to sip on. Tea has come a long way from the basic Earl Grey. That's why we stashed loads of tips in this guide for choosing tea gifts that are spot-on proper. Your tea drinker will be sipping happily. And like the healing power of winter teas, your gift-giving worries will disappear, too. Delightful!


Hot or Cold

Are you shopping in the dead of winter or are you looking for tea drinker gifts in the middle of July? Some tea drinkers are fans of both hot tea and iced tea. Others only drink hot tea, no matter the weather. Find out how she takes her tea.


Tea Date

You know she’s a tea drinker but you have no clue what tea she likes to drink — so you’re stumped on gift ideas for her. The next time you make a date with her, choose a café and observe what she orders.


Cabinet Search

When you’re over her place, pay attention to the drinks she offers. Does she have 6 different varieties of tea in her cabinet or is she a one-flavor-only gal? You can snoop around the kitchen cabinet to find out which are her go-to brands to give as tea gift ideas.


Loose Leaf

Tea lovers are often loyal to their perfectly-brewed cup of loose leaf tea. And if your tea drinker has fallen for loose leaf (over bagged) tea, that actually opens up more gift ideas — like fun and fancy tea strainers.


Tea Party

Does your tea lover like to entertain? Chances are, if she hosts dinner parties, she’s probably offering her friends tea as a choice with dessert. Think on extra cups, dishes, and partyware to make it easy to serve up tea to a dozen friends.


Cup Style

If you’re thinking of buying any kind of tableware, like tea cups, or want to splurge on a new whistling kettle for mom, be sure to match up the tea gifts with their design style. Whether your tea drinker prefers midcentury modern or cottage rustic, you’ll want to clue into their personal design style first.


Tea Convert

Maybe your tea drinker just recently switched over to drinking tea as part of a health push. Ask your tea drinker what tipped them into the tea camp. Tea could be part of a get-healthy gift basket for your tea convert


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