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A Husband's Guide to Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Wife

She's your sunshine. Show her how much you love her with a gift as sweet and special as she is. If only you could just make a gift appear out of the feelings you feel. Unfortunately, you have to put your feelings into a package and wrap it up with a pretty bow. I know. It can be stressful, but she loves you. Here are some tips to help take the edge off and guide you toward spectacular Valentine gift ideas for your wife.


Set a Budget

This might sound silly but when guys get stressed out and procrastinate, they throw money at the problem and that's actually not always a good thing. Set a budget and don't go over.


Start Early

The key to stress-free gift shopping is starting early and being prepared. Give yourself a month to get it together. That's two weeks to figure it out and two weeks to actually get it bought, delivered, wrapped, etc. Trust me, you'll need the four weeks.


Make a List

This is a fun activity and will help you stay focused and not fall victim to terrible advertisements and sales that prey on confused gift shopping men. Jot down things that you know she likes to do to be romantic. Don't confuse it with what you like to do to be romantic. Stay focused on her and you're good to go.


Think Small

Valentine's Day is simply a day to say "I love you". Don't get too caught up in a big gift presentation. Focus more on the idea of reminding her of how much you love her instead. Small gifts can say a lot.


Consider Her Style

Does she like a little luxury? Does quality outweigh flashiness for her? Is she edgy or classic? Do you know a store that she loves? Is she a DIY queen? Reflect her style in your gift and prepare to be showered with hugs and kisses.


Remember the Good Times

You've known her long enough to have a pretty great collection of memories. Use those as starting points for gift ideas that will make her heart sing.

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