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Simple Guide to Gifts for 11-Year Olds

11-year olds are just coming into their own. Adulthood is right around the corner yet oh so far away. Each 11-year old is on their own journey and is running at his or her unique speed. That means shopping for one is a booby trap. Add in the fact that many kids this age don't really want to talk to adults about anything important to them and you're stuck fending for yourself. Don't worry! These kids aren't as complicated as they think they are. Here's a simple guide to gifts for 11-year olds that should get you some eye-contact and maybe even a "thanks".


Doll Her Up

Girls this age are seriously day dreaming about the beauty routines and regimens that come with being older. From mud masks to pedicures, any spa or beauty introduction will be graciously accepted. Just check with the parents first on what they allow at this age.


Cheer Him On

Boys are starting to get more serious about flexing their muscular talent at this age, too. So, find out what their sport or activity of choice is and maybe even their favorite brand or team to help you find the right gift.


Personalize Their Life

Kids this age love to see their name on everything. Check in with parents on what they might need or want personalized. For girls, personalized jewelry is always huge and for boys, you can't go wrong with a jersey with his name on it.


Get Smart

This is the time when kids start to get serious about a lot of things, one of them being?science! That's right. Scientific reasoning and questioning is a big part of this phase of development so go a little geeky and more detailed with crafts, building sets, or experimental, tech, design or culinary kits.


Read All About It

Find out what kinds of characters they like to read about and find a fiction boxed set that they can get deep into off-screen.  A great place to start is with books that their favorite movies were based on. 


Be the Cool Grown Up

Find out their favorite band, team, or other idol and get tickets to see them. They will totally freak out.

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