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Best Gifts Under $10:Bicycle Pizza Cutter
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Best Gifts Under $10:The Butt Station
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Best Gifts Under $10:Prank Pack Nap Sack
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Best Gifts Under $10:Selfie Stick
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Best Gifts Under $10:Duracell Powermat
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Best Gifts Under $10:Fart Extinguisher
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A No-Fail Guide to Gifts for 18 Year Olds

18-year-olds are more child than adult, but don't tell them that! This guide will help you find ways to honor their newfound grown-up-ness while still entertaining their inner kid.


Make it about music

Your 18-year-old is crazy about music. Besides the traditional music-lovers gifts (iPod, speakers, headphones, and cool-again turntables) think about concert tickets as the gift headliner.


Help spruce up their space

Whether they get their shut-eye in a dorm room, apartment, or bedroom at mom and dad's, you can bet they care how their space looks. Any gifts for 18-year-olds to customize their pad or help them have fun adulting are sure winners.


Follow the fashion

Fashion is important to teens, so keep your eyes peeled on what they wear. If your teen loves hoodies, find a fun one to add to the closet. If your sparkle is more their style, go for accessories.


Cater to adrenaline seekers

From a rafting trip to exploring a new city, gifts for 18-year-olds that spell adventure are sure to delight.


Add to the ordinary

You can't go wrong by gifting cash to this age group, yet it’s always sweeter to add something unexpected. Think about foodie gifts (for when the munchies strike!) or subscription gifts for 18-year-olds, like a pizza or ice cream of the month club. When in doubt, just add flowers.


Gift it forward

This is your chance to help them see that age doesn't matter as much as what you're actually doing with your life. Give them gifts that help them find their path and routine and reach for their dreams. Check in with the parents, or ask the teen yourself, to get some insight.


Invest in them

A gift that helps them see the fun and magic in money management will keep them interested for the longer term. This is a perfect time to start an investment account or savings account that they can manage with you over the years until you're ready to pass the torch.

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