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Best Gifts Under $50:Kidizoom Smartwatch
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How to Snag the Perfect Gifts for 5-Year-Olds

When you start searching for presents for kids, it may be hard to stop! There are so many fun, educational, interesting and inspirational gifts for five-year-olds out there that the real challenge will be in narrowing your selections to make a choice. Here are a few ideas


Get Artsy

At this age, kids love to dive into creative projects. Whether you find a crafting kit with a theme that appeals to their interests or assemble a simple assortment of crayons, glue, stickers and glitter, you can't go wrong with an arts and crafts gift!


Subscribe Them

Signing up for a children's magazine will ensure that your gift keeps giving in the months to come! Getting mail is a big deal for kids, and they'll enjoy a magazine themed to their interests, like sports or nature or the world of Disney.


Name It

Five-year-olds are learning to write letters, and their name is the first thing they master! Personalizing an item with a full name or initials ? be it on a duffel bag, an item of clothing, or a print to hang in their room - makes a big impression.


Build Them Up

The classic building sets from Lego are just the beginning. Today, kids create structures and beings with light-up blocks, robot-making parts, and open-ended materials in kits that encourage creativity.


Get Technical

At five, children are getting used to technology bit by bit. A handheld gaming system or their first pair of headphones is the perfect way to let them find their corner of the tech world.


Be Silly

Five-year-olds may not be babies anymore, but they still have a huge capacity for silliness. Possibilities include a shirt with a funny message or a book of simple jokes they can share.


Give Them the World

Presents that expand a child's imagination, like a piece of outer space or a star named for them, can create magical moments and big dreams.

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