Amazing Gifts for Your Girl Who is Almost 20

Some of the trickiest ages for gift giving are the in-between ages. For sure, 19 year-old girls fall in that zone. She's not quite in the next milestone of being in her twenties, but she's almost there. She's not quite of age to drink, but she's not a young teenager, either. She's likely living on her own, in college, and could use some gifts that blend cool with useful. Here's an absolutely awesome list of gift finds!

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Inspire Her

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

Because she has all the digital gear, but it's an old school camera she wants for fun. 

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She Believed She Could Phone Case

Her phone is the one thing she brings everywhere and looks at (constantly). So give her a phone case that puts an encouraging message on it. 


Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat

If she loves yoga, give her a mat that's ultra-light and easy to carry — so she can pick up and go do sun salutations whenever. 


Click & Grow: Smart Garden

She's too young to own a plot of land, but she's old enough to know fresh herbs can be the star of a dish. 


Your Life Is Your Story Charm

It's a small charm with a big message — perfect for her keychain or turn it into a pendant necklace.


Vintage Camera Pillows

She loves photobooths, instant cameras, and gets prints made from her Instagram. Here's the perfect gift for the teenager who believes #filmisnotdead. 


Yogi's Delight Tea Set

She'll be delighted that you noticed she's really into yoga — and being all around healthy. 


Inspirational Pencil Set

You need inspiration in all forms, especially when you're a student burning the midnight oil for an economics final. 


Hear Me Roar Reversible Necklace

She is a young woman, and you want to channel her inner brave roar. 


Hidden Crystal Candle

This is not your average gift candle. Hidden inside is a pretty crystal to bring good energy her way. 


UV Protection Beach Tent

Because any almost-in-her-twenties gal is likely to catnap on a relaxing beach day. This beach tent will save her from sunburn — and creates better shade than a wobbly umbrella. 


On-the-Go Aromatherapy Blends

Here's a gift that makes sense because she loves to play around with scents that make that mind-body connection. 


Pinch Me: Therapy Dough

Who says almost-twenty-year-olds don't have a lot of stress? Therapy dough to the rescue. 


Tension Relief Wearable Acupressure

There's no doubt that college is stressful, so give her a wearable solution for relieving tension. 


Solutions For Her

L'Occitane Pure Shea Butter

This fair-trade beauty balm is so good, she'll use it as an almost-in-her-twenties teenager — and twenty years later, too. 

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Travel Organizer and Laundry Bag

Travel is a big part of being a teenager (who's almost twenty). And she's graduated beyond using plastic bags for laundry. 


Recipes Every College Student Should Know

Here's the recipe book she needs as a dorm-dwelling, snack-seeking, ever-so-hangry student — who wants tasty, easy food.

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Modway Coat Rack

The best way to stay organized in small spaces (like dorms and apartments) is by making use of vertical space. Here's a handy coat rack that's modern and fun — perfect for her. 

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Weekly Desk Planner Notepad

Make each week a little more organized with a pretty planner she can keep on her dorm desk. 

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black + blum Thermo Pot

Here's an easy, economical way to have a hot-cooked meal on the go. 


SPACEPAK Toiletry Bag

Here's a bright and cheery way for her to keep her toiletries in check. 

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Brew Your Own Kombucha Kit

She'd drink kombucha more often if one bottle didn't cost as much as lunch. Here's a gift to help her brew her own healthy drinks. 


Multi-Use Emergency Lights

Because you still worry about her safety driving long distances, and this gift will give you peace of mind. 


Cat Egg Mold

She'll be more likely to eat breakfast if it's fun to make. 


Decadent Chocolate Bar Quartet

Give her a sweet treat that pulls out all the stops — decadent chocolate is a winning idea. 


Earbud Cord Holder

Wherever she goes, she wants to listen to her tunes — and what follows is her earbuds get tangled about. Here's a smart, stylish solution. 


Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

Space-savers are always handy — and this water bottle can collapse down in her bag when she's done with it. 


Making Her Feel at Home

Custom Doxie Dachshund Succulent Wall Art

When you're 19 and a dog lover, there are many reasons why you can't have your own pooch. So here's a living ode to dogs that requires less upkeep (and doesn't break the dorm rules.)

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Present Time Karlsson Slices Colorful Wall Clock

She loves color — but can't paint the walls in the dorm or apartment where she's living. So bring in a rainbow pop of color with a modern wall clock. 

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Twig Terrariums: There's No Place Like Ohm

This modern terrarium makes an adorable way for her to cure those homesick blues. 


Sleeping Eye Mask

When you're almost 20, you're likely catching up on sleep in the bright daytime hours. She could use a fun sleep mask.

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Waterproof Speakers

The best way to start off a busy day as a teenager is breaking out in song in the shower. 


Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker

You're never too old for ice cream, and now she can make her own. Here's a gift that hits the sweet spot. 


Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels

There may be no flavor combination that rivals a pairing of salty and sweet. She'll appreciate these chocolate-covered pretzels when the munchies strike. 


For Fox Sake Mug

Here's a playful mug that's just perfect for the almost-in-her-twenties teen with a sailor's mouth. 


Hopped Up Coffee

To get through finals week, your almost-in-her-twenties student will need to be hopped up on a lot of caffeine. 


Silicone Storage Bags

Because she's sustainably-minded, and these food storage bags can be used again and again. 


State Typography Art

Here's a no-brainer art gift for her: give her a piece that pairs modern typography with the homestate she loves. 


Bottle Cleaning Beans

She loves her energizing smoothies — but cleaning a bottle with blueberry specks and dried hemp seeds is not fun. Here's a gift that will make her everyday ritual so much easier. 


Organic Popcorn Kit

Healthy, organic popcorn that pairs all-the-rage coconut oil and sea salt. Consider this foodie gift a treat that's on trend.


Craft Chocolate Inclusion Bars

Ethically sourced ingredients, delicously crafted chocolate, and bars that are packaged pitch-perfect to give. 


Yosemite Coat Rack

When space is at a premium — but she lives in a four-season location — this coat rack will see a lot of use. 


Style For Her

Pink Skies Up Ahead Enamel Pin

Let her pin in pride in being a girl, and wish on the stars for what she wants most. 

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Morse Code Cuff

While she uses hashtags to share her deep thoughts, she prefers her jewerly to be more understated. 


Kara Weaves Cotton Bathrobe

Because when you're sharing a space with other peeps, you don't want to be caught in your undies. Here's a cotton bathrobe that's lighter (and cooler) than terry. 

$95.00 Awesome Notebook

For a girl who's almost-in-her-twenties, she's got a lot going on. Here's a notebook to help her stay on track, in style. 

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Believe There Are No Limits but the Sky Necklace

You want her to believe there are no limits, and this necklace is a simple reminder to go high. 


Women's Minimalist Wallet

Since she's carrying around so many books, she needs to lighten the load somehow. Minimal and cute, this wallet makes a practical find she'll use. 


Floral Wood Watch

Floral and wood pairs together for a unique watch just perfect for her bohemian style. 


No. 2 Pencil Knee High Socks

These socks poke some fun at her. Even with all technology in her life, she still needs a No. 2 pencil for school. 


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Jun 8, 2017


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