Barbecue Gift Ideas (Under $50)

Find over 10 best barbecue gift ideas (under $50) in 2024

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How to Find Unique BBQ Gifts That Will Make Him Flip

Once upon a time, there was a summertime ritual of grilling hotdogs and hamburgers, and your barbecue king reigned the grill with simply an apron and spatula. No longer. Barbecue has grown into a grilling culture for bbq masters, with the expansion of a full-on outdoor kitchen that's made barbecue a four-season sport. And there's more equipment involved now that we have grilled plank salmon and pepper skewers among other tasty barbecue additions. Get the rub on unique BBQ gifts or make dad flip with the ultimate Father's Day BBQ gifts. The best eating days are yet to come.


Seasoned Gift

Next time your dad’s making barbecue ask him about the go-to spices he uses. There is a whole world spices, rubs, and salts for finessing the flavors of meats, which could make a whole basket of BBQ gifts for dad.


Cooking Chops

Does your grillmaster wing it or is he schooled in the art of barbecue with an entire shelf devoted to grilling cookbooks? Keep that in mind before considering barbecue literature.


Matching Style

Snoop around for style cues before scooping up personalized barbecue gifts. Not every dude will jive with the gift of monogrammed tongs. On the flip side, if he wears an apron designed with slapdash humor, then that cheeky platter will be a winner.


Get Smoked

If you don’t know what kind of grill your ‘cue master uses, find out. It’s important. (Ask family if you can’t snoop out the answer yourself.) If he has a gas grill and no smoker box, it will be harder to get flavor from wood chips. The art of smoking wood chips and the artisanal flavors — hickory, applewood, pecan, maple and more — will instantly up his grilling game.


Skewed Ideas

Sometimes it’s helpful to keep it simple. For BBQ gift ideas, think on go-to grilling accessories and gear that get used often, meaning he could probably use reinforcements. Skewers are a perfect example, especially if he’s a kabob fan.


Tasty Travels

Unique BBQ gifts can look at ways to expose him to barbecue from other destinations. If you can’t take your barbecue maven on the road, then look into gift ideas that bring flavors from afar to his grill.


Set the Scene

Hey, there’s more to a barbecue than the grilled meat! Help your guy make it a fun event. Think on gifts that bring in music, drinks, and ways to make the deck feel welcoming.  


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Fire Up the Best in Barbecue Gift Ideas

If you're hot to find some cool barbecue gifts, remember your grillmaster already owns the basics. He knows how to grill a burger to perfection, and he's got his tricks for getting the meat cooked just right. You know he's onto fancy barbecue endeavors — from smoking meats to homemade rubs and better-than-average sauces. So check out this ultimate list of barbecue gifts that he'll be stoked to receive (and get back out to the grill.)

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