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A Guide to Finding Fitness Gifts: Get Pumped!

Fitness can feel like a loaded word with thoughts racing to new year's resolutions (started and fizzled?), gym passes, goal weights, and more. In truth, fitness is not simply another way to say "exercise". People who structure fitness into their lives have an overall outlook of mindfulness to their body, and health is at its core. That's the baseline for shopping the best fitness gifts. We're here to help you amp up your search with this guide to extreme-awesome gifts.


Training Levels

When you’re shopping fitness gifts for her, keep in mind what fitness level she’s on. Is she just starting to work out again after a long hiatus post-baby? Or can she run 14 miles like it’s a walk in the park? 


Power Meals

Think beyond the weights and workout gear, because some of the best fitness gifts are all about what’s powering those workouts. Food! Think on gifts that make it easier to eat healthy, and fuel up with food and energy.  


Help Hydrate

Think on practical ways to keep your fitness lover in tip-top hydration. Do a little snooping (or ask if you live far away) to find out the water bottle status. Is there one? Is there no place to store the water bottle when riding on his bike?


Get Organized

You and your friend are workout buddies, and you’ve noticed that her gym bag is a mess (and lacks pockets). Or maybe she has no easy way to carry keys on a power walk. You can solve an everyday problem with a gift that helps her get organized.


We're Jammin'

With a little IMing on Facebook with their better half, you can find out how your fitness buff listens to music. Most people love jamming out during workouts. Perhaps your runner is using a borrowed pair of old headphones. Think on portable music gifts that make it easy to workout to good tunes, and you’ll help get their head in the fitness zone.


Go Go Gadget

Fitness and technology make it easier to get those heart rates up (and track them). When you’re short on time (or ideas), consider the rad fitness gadgets out there as a perfect gift that you can find fast. You don’t need to know specifics about your fitness lover’s size or style, either.


Inspire Energy

When you think of your fitness fanatic, you may think of someone who is strong, fierce, balanced, brave, and determined. Consider sentimental gifts that remind her of her inner strength — like accessories that feature an inspiring word. If there was some fitness event she accomplished — like running a marathon — ask her beau or her mom to share the date and time she ran (you could have it engraved in jewelry for her to wear).  


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