Golf Christmas Gift Ideas (Under $10)

Find over 5 best golf Christmas gift ideas (under $10) in 2024

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How to Tee Up the Best Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Golfers keep perfect form to line up a great shot. It takes practice, skill, and then a little luck to get a hole in one. Gift shopping often feels like the same strategy to find that one perfect present. When shopping Christmas gifts for golf lovers, keep in mind golfing requires a big investment in time and equipment. He's probably quite passionate about the sport. And you may be quite clueless on what to give. Here's how to tee up Christmas gift ideas for golfers (no bogeys.)


Members Only

Find out if your golfer is a member of a private club or a public club (or has no member card at all.) Clubs typically have a driving range to practice on, but you may need to pay for balls at a public club. Picking up that tab would be a great Christmas gift idea for any golfer. Practice makes perfect!


Exact Science

Golfers are always trying to get exact and precise distance measurements. Nowadays there’s loads of technology to help, so you can know how far out you are from the pin. Does your golfer have a watch that gives GPS readings? His golf buddies will know if you ask around.


Second Sleeve

Do you know how many times in a season your avid golfer wears through his golf glove? A few times at least — so extra gloves make practical Christmas golf gifts for him. That way he’s always using soft leather, rather than a dried and crinkly glove. Is he a rightie or leftie? For right-handed golfers, you’ll want to get a glove for the left hand, since his grip puts more friction on his left palm.


Personal Marker

In a pinch, your golfer can mark the ball using a dime. But it’d be sweet to have a lucky marker. You can even find markers in personalized styles — like a monogram of his favorite team sport.


Cover Ups

Custom clubhead covers make easy Christmas gift ideas for golfers. If he’s a big fan of his college team, consider going with their team mascot. Or give his driver a fierce mascot!


Box of Balls

Extra balls make a handy Christmas gift for any golf lover. Is this a stocking stuffer or a gift for under the tree? A sleeve of balls contains 3 balls but a box of balls has 30 balls. Fore!


Fun in the Sun

Think on sun protection for your favorite golfer playing in the noonday sunshine. Maybe he needs a new pair of shades or even a solid water bottle for those hot Saturday mornings.


19th Hole

At the 19th hole, or the bar at the end of the course, your golfer can enjoy a few rounds of drinks with friends. Think on related gifts — from a personalized 19th hole bottle opener for brews to special golf-themed glassware or funny accessories to celebrate a good day at the course.   


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