Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

Find over 90 best Christmas gift ideas under $10 in 2024

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Bicycle Pizza Cutter
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Golf Gear Organizer
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Prank Pack Nap Sack
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Multi Voice Changer
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Duracell Powermat
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Selfie Stick
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:The Butt Station
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Recipe Rock
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Coffee Mug Warmer
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Why You Suck At Golf
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Goodnight IPad
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Ace Bottle Opener
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Wine Glass Writer
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Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10:Wine For Your Life
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Expert Tips

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Secrets to Finding Christmas Presents That Are Merry and Bright

Make a list, check it twice - but first, get inspired by our ideas for cool Christmas gifts that will knock their stockings off. 'Tis the season to gift with abandon, so show the ones you love how much joy they bring to your life.

Our list of Christmas gifts for 2022 spans everything from the sentimental and heartwarming to the downright funny. It’s never too early to get some inspiration from the experts! These Christmas gift ideas are sure to bring holiday cheer this season.


Pick Something That Will Stand Out

This time of year, people are receiving holiday gifts in bulk (not that we're complaining). When it comes to giving, think of a way to make your Christmas present stand out underneath a crowded tree.

We guarantee that luxury items like towel warmers, massage gadgets, and state-of-the-art electronics like a Bluetooth speaker will encourage more oohs and ahhs than a pair of socks or a water bottle! Of course, what counts as a good Christmas gift for your friends and family depends on the person. No matter the case, it’s always best to skip the gift cards and choose thoughtful Christmas gifts that will make an impact.


Give Something That Can't Be Wrapped

Ah, the gift of experience. Go big with a cruise, go middle of the road with a winery tour, or go small(ish) with a hot-air balloon ride. Oh, who are we kidding? You can't measure enthusiasm. An up-in-the-air adventure may be your recipient's wildest dream!

These unique Christmas gifts give your friends and family something to look forward to. Even after the holiday season ends, they can use your experience to create lasting memories. Experiences make great gifts for adventure seekers (zip lining anyone?) or even those who want some rest and relaxation at a spa. There’s truly something for everyone!


Offer Something Big in a Small Package

An envelope is just an envelope unless it contains tickets to a live concert. A handheld box may seem underwhelming but contain awe-inspiring jewelry or cuff links. Get creative with how you wrap your small gifts for an added element of surprise.


Give a Christmas Gift That Keeps on Giving

Anything that's delivered monthly - be it ice cream, wine, fruits, chocolates, steaks, lobster tails, or even full-blown meals - is a Christmas present that will last long after the last carols are sung.

This is the perfect gift for someone that likes to treat themselves even once the holiday season has ended. These Christmas gifts give them something to look forward to each month! Every time they receive their delivery they’ll think of you.


Gift Sartorially

If you know your recipient's style, complement it with something special, like a unique tie, a standout blouse, or a blazer that goes with anything from a dress to jeans. We know that finding the perfect outfit for someone else can be daunting, so take inspiration from social media!

See what brands your friend or family member follows, or any fashion trends they want to try, and incorporate them into your Christmas gift. Or, opt for accessories like jewelry, cufflinks, or a classic watch.


Honor A Beloved Pastime

A set of golf clubs, a home-brewer's kit, specialized cookware, and even a leather-bound art portfolio are just some examples of Christmas present ideas that speak to the specific interests of the special people on your list.

These thoughtful Christmas gift ideas are also sure to be used since they’re tailored to the recipient’s interests. You can even go more practical, like gifting an air fryer to your friend who loves to cook!


Stick with Comfort

Who doesn't love to pull on a pair of cashmere socks, get wrapped up in a fleece blanket, or climb into a cozy sweatshirt after an exhausting day of eating, laughing, and celebrating? (We kid, we kid. But not about these Christmas gift ideas!).

Want more gift guides to help with your holiday shopping and beyond? Gift Advisor is always here to help you find the perfect gift for any occasion and for any recipient!

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