Funny Gifts (Under $50)

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Funny Gifts (Under $50):Morning Motivation Towel
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Safe Paperweight
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Fun Expressions Personalized Lumbar Throw..
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Funny Yoga Mats With Anti-Slip Black Backing
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Macho Man CD Holder
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Personalized Golf Ball Markers
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Become A Laird Or Lady
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Tipsy Wine Glasses
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Laptop Cat Scratching Pad
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Desktop Miniature Toolbox
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Official Licensed Minecraft Hat
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Pi To The 50Th Decimal Necktie
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Skull Tidy
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Come In, Go Away Doormat
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Zombie Wine Bottle Holder
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Math Equations Silk Tie
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Caffeine Molecule Cast Necklace
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Football Stadium Chip And Dip
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Puppy Wine Holder
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Deluxe Watermelon Tap Kit
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Indoor Basketball Hoop
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Ugly Christmas Sweater
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Glass Reusable Coffee Cup
Funny Gifts (Under $50):His Beer/Her Beer Pilsner Set
Funny Gifts (Under $50):His And Hers Key Holders
Funny Gifts (Under $50):My Side Your Side Pillow Cases
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Dry Wipe Memo Mug
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Billionaire Boyfriend Parfum Spray
Funny Gifts (Under $50):Never Have I Ever

Expert Tips

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The Ultimate Guide to Giving Insanely Funny Gifts

Whether you're known for being hilarious or you just want to make the lucky recipient fall over laughing, we've got some tips on how to find the best novelty gifts around. The best thing about funny gifts is that they don't cost much at all. In fact, they're probably some of the cheapest gifts you can get. But the payoff is worth every penny you don't spend on gifts that you'll laugh about for years each time you remember them.


Tickle their Professional Funny Bone

Have a laugh about their career or other people who have the same one with a gift that takes it out of context and into another dimension. Is he a plumber? How about a toilet coffee mug? Judge? How about handcuffs?


Play on their Passions

Do they have a passion for something weird? Do they collect something or have to try every kind of something? Whether it's zombies, mustaches, unicorns or cats you can find a funny version, something ridiculous featuring its image, or a hilarious compliment to their passion to definitely get a chuckle.


Play on their Phobias

Ok, not if it's a real phobia that might actually give them a panic attack. But, we're talking about a fear of spiders or a borderline hypochondriac. There are loads of funny gifts that tease them about their fears and hopefully help them laugh about it.


Juxtapose their Favorite Heroes

Do they love Star Wars or have another hero that they randomly bring up in conversations? Find a gift that features that hero in a form that can only be taken as a joke like garden gnome or dressed up for a birthday party. Or, maybe just a collection of weird stuff with their hero's image on it.


Play on Politics

If you agree on politics, go ahead and get them something funny that relates to your shared point of view. Election years are a great time to bond over your favorite and least favorite candidates.


Get Dirty

Dirty jokes are always funny. Aren't they? Well, make sure that you know this person well enough to know their answer to that question for sure. Then indulge in a little toilet humor, fart jokes and sexual silliness.


Need more ideas?

Check out our collection of unusual gift ideas and hilarious gag gifts for everyone on your list.

Gift Guides

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The Absolute Funniest Gift Ideas For Men

If your gift can make him laugh, then clearly, you’ve won on the gift front. After all, he’s known for his sense of humor. For his jokes around the Thanksgiving table. For his not-so-serious way of looking at life (that you wish you could master). You take things a bit more seriously, including gift shopping for him. And that’s why we’ve pulled dozens of funny gifts seemingly out of a hat for you to choose from.

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