Stocking Stuffers for Girlfriend (Under $50)

Find over 18 best stocking stuffers for girlfriend (under $50) in 2024

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Impress Her With the Best Stocking Stuffers for Your Girlfriend

There's one person on your holiday shopping list who brings on a case of shopping panic: your girlfriend. You want to impress; you want to make her smile; and you have no clue how to do that in the shape of a stocking stuffer that's supposed to be inexpensive. Maybe your family didn't even hang stockings by the chimney with care. Don't panic! We have tips for when you're feeling clueless or when you just need a little inspiration to find stocking stuffers for that awesome girlfriend.


Stylish, Silly, Sweet

To find the best stocking stuffers for your girlfriend, first see if the gift checks off one of these boxes — something stylish, something silly, or something sweet. You know your girl. Would she most like something on the glam side? Or is the way to her heart through some adorably funny gift? Or does she wear her heart on her sleeve and appreciate sentimental gifts the most?


Makeup Snoop

You know your girlfriend likes her makeup, as it takes about an hour to get out the door. Know that all lipsticks are not created equal. So do a little snooping into her makeup stash. Note brands and colors, and then pick up a few extras of her favorites to surprise in the stocking. She’ll be impressed that you got the details just right.


Besties Know Best

When you have no clue where to begin in the gift hunt (or really want to surprise her this year), seek the support of her best friends. They’ll know what little stocking stuffer would supremely delight her. They’ll know where to find it, too. You’ll also score points with the besties for thinking ahead and caring about finding something special for your girl.


Travel Easier

Think about when your girlfriend is on the go. Does she commute far to work? Does she travel by train? Is she a frequent flyer? Travel accessories are going to be just the right size for a stocking — small and compact. Pick up her favorite toiletries in travel size or score some small travel accessory she could use (headset?) and you’ll be set.


Shop the Checkout

What is your girlfriend’s favorite shop? Is there one store in the mall that is her must-go place every time? Head there for some gift inspiration. Often around the holidays, stores will have an area around the checkout counter that’s stocked with stocking stuffer gifts. You’ll know you’re in just the right place to choose a gift that’s just her style.


Pun Intended

Browse a Valentine’s search on Pinterest for endless inspiration for small gifts that play on a pun or cute message. You know she’s a sucker for that sweet stuff. For example, you could play off the message of “warming her up” with a set of hand warmers stuffed in her stocking (note attached).


Tiny Sparkle

Diamonds aren’t the only gems that are a girl’s best friend. Look for casual earrings or a necklace that add a tiny sparkle to her holiday, without busting the stocking stuffer budget. First take a sneak peek in her jewelry box to get ideas on what style of everyday jewelry she likes to wear (rose gold or silver? Big statements or small and shiny?)  


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