Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids

Our gift experts have curated 135 unique and thoughtful gifts for 7 year old kids

Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Sports Mug
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Kidizoom Smartwatch
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:LEGO City Space Port
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Fire Kids Edition Tablet
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Laser Tag Set
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Dr. Cool Rock Tumbler
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Razor Scooter
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Super Fun RC Robot
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:My Life Story Diary
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Gifts for 7 Year Old Kids:Razor Dune Buggy
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Expert Tips

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Grown-Ups Guide to Gifts for 7-Year-Olds

Let's be honest, it's tough to remember what it was like being seven years old. And, the world that kids live in these days is completely different than what we knew growing up. Who knew that coding would be a thing that children learn with toys? This guide was designed to help you find the best gifts for 7-year olds and connect with the kiddo on your list.


Strengthen their Interests

Find out what subjects pique their interests like coding, space, dinosaurs, fairies, or ballet and get them age appropriate gifts to match. You'll be building a lifelong passion for learning and questioning which is a great pathway to success.


Personalize It

Kids love seeing their name on stuff in their room and things that they take to school or on a trip. There are so many options out there that you're bound to find something that lines up with your budget and their interests.


Bundle them Up

Shopping for kids' clothes can be so much fun! Luckily, some kids this age are still ok with grown-ups picking out their clothes. Check to make sure before getting started and find out what stores or styles they like most if you're not feeling confident.


Get Active

Kids need inspiration to get out and get moving more than ever. Look out for a game that the whole family can get involved in in the backyard or local park. Or, help take their passion for watching a sport to the field with sporting equipment or signing them up for lessons.


Go with a Favorite Character

By the time kids are seven years old, they most likely have a list of favorite characters, movies and shows no matter how much screen time mom and dad allow. Find out what theirs are and get them a gift that helps them bond even more with their heroes.


Be Creative

Kids love to express themselves through art, music and any other kind of creative pursuit. Check in with mom or dad about what forms of self-expression this little one is passionate about and get something to help him or her develop their talent.


Get Schooled

Google what seven year olds should be learning in school and find a gift that helps them get ahead of the class. Or, get some really cool school supplies that will inspire them to participate and learn.

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