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How to Shoot For the Best Photography Gifts

Photography is not just about recording big life moments - it's really the art of storytelling. Thanks to some digital magic, we can all be photographers now and snap stories of our everyday life (and then share on Instagram and Facebook as you do.) Photography is also so personal (and specific in terms of gear) so there's an art to zooming in on photography gifts. This snap-worthy guide gives you the best shot at lining up photography gift ideas for anyone.


Everyday Life

Find out which camera is used on an everyday basis. In real life, that likely may not be the two-ton DSLR with lenses. If she has an Instagram with daily snaps from her phone, there’s your answer. Think on photography gifts for her that upgrade the everyday. There are fun lenses you can add to the iphone, portable tripods, selfie sticks and other accessories to up her photography game.


Actual Prints

Make photography something to see and feel — something you can’t do when all your photos are trapped in your phone or on a hard drive. Think on photography gift ideas that turn favorite digital snaps into actual prints to frame and enjoy. You can even swipe favorite pics from her Instagram.


Play Historian

On the flip side, consider preserving old family photographs as a special Father’s Day gift. Research ways to digitally preserve family photos that are currently yellowing in old albums. Be sure to keep the original snaps after you digitize them (or hire a service to do it for you).


Practical Parts

Some accessories and gear that comes with digital photography may not be flashy — but is oh-so-essential. Look for the model of your photographer’s digital camera (or enlist help), and then think on photography related gifts that match up. Anything from extra batteries to memory cards (which can get corrupted) are practical gifts that your photographer will always need.


Analog Charm

A photographer can never have too many cameras to play with. Choosing cameras and lenses on the digital side can go awry — and will be expensive. But surprising your shutterbug with an instant camera or vintage film camera is just plain fun. Be sure to get packs of matching film to go with it.


Gift of Learning

You know someone who simply loves playing around with photography, but is not schooled on how to shoot in manual mode — or maybe keeps talking about wanting to try video. Look into local photography classes and find one that matches up with your photographer’s skill level. Any photography lover will jump at the chance to learn how to snap better photos.


Travel Bug

Think beyond the cameras and lenses and give your photographer the gift of inspiration. Look into giving an experience centered on travel, so your photography lover can find inspiration somewhere new with camera in hand. What better way to practice her skills.



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