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The Fastest Path to Gift Success For Your Runner

Whether she runs to race or runs to clear her head, running is a sport that's become part of her lifestyle. You're on the right course with focusing on running gifts. But unless if you're tagging along for a morning run, it's easy to feel lost on what running gifts to give her. Plus, the gift shopping season already feels like an adrenaline-filled marathon. Watch your time! We tied together these tips to get you to the finish line. Now you can find the best running gifts and leave your gifting competition in the dust (wink wink).


Dawn or Dusk

Runners often have their routine run times — early first-morning runs or after work or school is done. Find out about your runner before looking into running gifts — like snooping out whether late-day runners have the proper gear. Sometimes a practical headlamp is just what the runner needed.


Groove On

What’s on your runner’s playlist? This is important, so do enlist the help of a significant other, roomie, sister, bestie, someone who will be able to check that ipod (or simply knows what tunes are sure bets.) Then check out the latest portable music solutions as running gifts for her. After all, good music is her jam.


Bare Necessities

Unlike football players, runners have a lot less stuff to wear. But that only means each element is uber important. One example: running socks and their moisture-wicking compression technology. So if you’re living with your runner, sneak a peek in their sock drawer to clue into gift ideas (lesson learned). And try to observe which brands and colors they like.


More Storage

Runners need to keep some things on them — like keys, phone, and sometimes a wallet. Thankfully there’s a whole market of accessories designed to make it easy to run with your essentials.


Cool Down

After the big run comes the tired muscles. You don’t have to be a runner to know what would feel great — a relaxing spa-like bath, a massage, and a good night’s sleep. Then dip into gift ideas or gift experiences that rejuvenate the runner’s bod.


What's for Dinner

Runners eat healthy to keep their body fit and full of energy. But if you’re training for a marathon and going on long runs, you don’t have much time for cooking. Take a peek in your runner’s kitchen and think on gifts (a quick-and-easy cookbook?) that help your runner put together easy healthy meals in short order.  


After Run

Runners may like long, vigorous runs, but that doesn’t mean they’re superhuman. After a big run, even regular runners can get sore muscles. Find unique running gifts that offer relief — you could even pop into a shop with body care solutions, like Whole Body, for advice on what to give your runner.


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