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7 Tips for Finding Gifts that are Uniquely for Your Uncle

Uncles get away with being more adventurous - it goes with the territory of being a cool uncle. While uncles can suggest glow-in-the-dark frisbee under moonlight, the rest of us think to toss around a disc in the noonday sun. He's got that unconventional spirit - maybe he even taught your toddler to play the harmonica. Here's the ticket to discovering gifts that are equally as rad as those uncles.


Secret Hobby

What’s something your uncle likes to do, maybe even when no one’s looking? Check in with those who know him best (you can message family on Facebook to mine for ideas), and find out whether he secretly loves a good game of beer pong or a high-flying trampoline.


Being Active

What does your uncle do to stay fit? Is he big into cycling or does he coach your nephew’s football team as his main form of sport? Once you know how he stays active, you can zone in on that sport to find the best gifts for uncles for Christmas.


Which Decade?

Did your uncle live through the pivotal 1960s, or he is a younger uncle who came of age in the 1980s? When you’re thinking of gifts for uncles' birthdays, look to gifts that take them back to that important decade in their lives — a trip down memory lane is a sure way to get some laughs.


Show Off

With little kids in the family, he loves to entertain and get some laughs. Consider gifts for an uncle from his niece that let him be silly. Whether it’s a simply hilarious accessory (beard caps are big) or a device to show off his DJ skills, give him a gift that lets him show off his cool side for his niece.


Lazy is Okay

It’s a go-go-go world, but the Christmas gift-giving season is a time to appreciate the gift of relaxation. Let your uncle enjoy a slower pace with gifts that indulge, pamper, or help him find some R&R.


Won't Buy Himself

Remember one of the best ways to uncover great gifts for men is to think of something he wouldn’t buy for himself. Keep in mind where he lives, what’s his lifestyle, and then what he’s focused on (home renovation or new job?). You can also ask your auntie (or other family) if you feel stumped on specifics.


Off Time

Do some sleuthing to find out where your uncle heads on his off time. Is he always at the gym? Or does he plan his next beach vacation as soon as there’s a chill in the air? You can always look for gifts that upgrade how he travels or spends his time off from work.


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Gift Ideas for Uncles

If you are looking for gifts for uncle, you've come to the right place. Our editors have curated best Christmas gift ideas for uncle from around the globe. Find best gift ideas for uncle based on his interest and age. Uncles do not expect much from their niece or nephews, so a thoughtful gift is sure to wow him! Let your uncle know how much you care with a thoughtful gift that will surely make his day ... and his year!

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