Anniversary Gift Ideas for Women Under $50

Find over 27 best anniversary gift ideas for women under $50 in 2024

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Perfect Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her

The best anniversary gifts are very individual and personality-based. Is your wife a traveler? Someone who values her home and personal space? A dressed-to-the-nines fashionista? No matter who the woman in your life is, we have wedding anniversary ideas for her that embody the most essential element of gift-giving: Thoughtfulness.


Listen closely

As your anniversary approaches, tune your ear a little more toward dreams or goals or even small material items she mentions. Booking a trip to a destination she's admired, signing her up for art classes to explore her creative side, or simply putting together a basket of things she's mentioned she needs will make a great gift.


Celebrate you as two

Anything that highlights memories from your relationship (a lovely framed photo, a poster from the first movie you saw together, a trip back to the B&B you adored on your honeymoon) will win romance points.


Try something together

What better way to mark a year of marriage than by jumping into a new adventure side by side? Whether it's bungee jumping or a couples yoga class, trying something novel will help you both celebrate not only your bond from the past, but also the exciting times ahead.


Stay in

You've built a home together, now think about what it needs. That could mean repainting the bedroom, adding new lighting in the kitchen, or finally widening the closet. It may sound unromantic, but improving the living space you share has benefits she can appreciate daily!


Get social

If your wife is the gregarious type, a surprise gathering of friends and family at a restaurant she loves or even in a rented house for a weekend getaway could be just the joyful, boisterous celebration she'll remember for years. Throw in a new weekend bag for good measure, and you're golden.


Go classic

If she's the traditional type, research the material that goes with the year of your anniversary (for example, five years is wood and 10 years is tin or aluminum). Then brainstorm silly, romantic, or practical gifts in that category. It's a fun way to narrow down the options.


Splurge on her

Especially if you're reaching a landmark year like 10 or 20, it might be time to pick out a jewelry piece that she'll own and wear forever. If she's not the bauble type, treat her like a queen anyway with a spa day and a romantic dinner at a chic restaurant, just you two.

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Dreamy Gifts that Celebrate an Unforgettable Decade With Her

Anniversaries were not designed to cause anxiety in your life. But it may feel that way. You first need to remember the all-important date, put it on your calendar, plan something special for the big day, and come bearing gifts for her. And what should those gifts be? We scouted out the best-of-the-best in anniversary gifts for her. That way, you can simply sit back and choose your favorite. And then, relax!

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