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Best Gifts Under $50:3D Pen Set
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Best Gifts Under $50:Razor Scooter
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Best Gifts Under $50:Gummy Bear Night Lights
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Best Gifts Under $50:My Life Story Diary
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Best Gifts Under $50:Worlds Best Geode Kit
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Best Gifts Under $50:R/C Rock Crawler
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Best Gifts Under $50:Gravity Maze
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Best Gifts Under $50:Perplexus Epic
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Best Gifts Under $50:OgoSport OgoDisk RAQ
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Best Gifts Under $50:Recordable Storybook
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Best Gifts Under $50:Doinkit Darts
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Best Gifts Under $50:Vintage Snow Cone Maker
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Best Gifts Under $50:Healthy Snacks In-A-Box
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Best Gifts Under $50:Indoor Basketball Hoop
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Best Gifts Under $50:Harry Potter Wand
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Best Gifts Under $50:Electronic Dart Board
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Best Gifts Under $50:Kinetic Sand
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Expert Tips

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6 Steps to Shopping for Gifts for 10-Year-Olds

Turning 10 years-old enters the big leagues of kiddom, since your tween is now in the age of double digits. The time from one hand held up proudly to show he or she is five to two hands for 10 years-old - that may have happened in the blink of an eye. And now you need to sort out what are the best gifts for 10-year-olds who are in fifth or sixth grade and will not like just anything.


Instead of wracking your brain, give their brain a puzzle to sort out

From 3-D puzzles to word games, 10-year-olds love to figure out a rad puzzle all by themselves. Go ahead, try to stump your tween.


Think on ways to let your 10-year-old run free

It's tricky to shop gifts for 10-year-olds at the toy store. But the most simple games for the great outdoors excites any age. Find a supersized kite, gift your tween his own wheels (like a scooter), or give camping gear and plan a weekend to set up tent under the moonlight.


Hone in on a hobby

Consider which classes your tween takes for fun - ballet, basketball, art, dance, you name it. Then look for accessories to match the hobby, like a rainbow basketball or oil pastels for the budding artist. Or if your kiddo geeks out on science, there are many all-in-one-kits that make perfect gifts for 10-year-olds.


Let your 10-year-old march to her own beat

Personalized accessories, from a monogrammed bag to school supplies, make easy gifts for 10-year-olds who love to show off their name.


Give a safe space for expressing her thoughts

Journaling is a rite of passage for tweens. Rather than social media permanence, give your tween a journaling kit for jotting down all those thoughts and dreams - or even work through a first crush.


When in doubt, go go gadgets

At the age of 10, these small humans may know more about coding than you do. So it's no surprise that gadgets make great gifts for 10-year-olds. You could choose a gadget that invites adventure (like a waterproof action camera) or feels practical - like a rad watch for the tween who doesn't yet have a cell phone.


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