15th Anniversary Gift Ideas Under $100

Find over 13 best 15th anniversary gift ideas under $100 in 2024

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4 Ways to Choose a Super Special 15th Anniversary Gift

Bring out the crystal, you two have made it 15 years together in wedded bliss! If you follow tradition, 15th anniversary gifts include shiny crystal as the material. For a more modern twist, any kind of timepiece - like a watch - are common additions to the anniversary gifting guide. Of course, you may prefer to forego tradition all together. Whatever your flavor, this guide makes it easy to choose a special 15th anniversary gift for your person.


Make it crystal clear how you feel

Sometimes going with tradition makes everything a little easier. You know exactly what to look for and can quickly zone in on a gift that's just right. And crystal is a beautiful material to scout out 15th anniversary gifts. Choose from champagne glasses (cheers!), crystal barware (it's a party!), a crystal vase (just add flowers), crystal candleholders (for candlelit dinners), or a crystal dish or ring holder for the dazzler that started it all (jewelry additions are always welcome).


Take a twist on tradition

Who says crystal has to mean the material for a crystal-themed gift? Check a map and you'll find "crystal" popping up in the names of towns, mountains, and lakes. Surprise getaway? It could be your most fun trip yet to choose the destination in this random way.


Give your love a special timekeeper

In the age of smartphones, you check the time (often) on the device that lets you do everything, so watches and clocks are no longer mandatory. But that doesn't mean your significant other wouldn't enjoy a stylish watch for the wrist. And hey, if you're both trying to unplug more often, a watch makes it easy to keep eyes off the phone. Of course, the latest smartphone would also count in the timekeeper category for a 15th anniversary gift.


Buck tradition all together

Throw a party to celebrate the two of you. Invite all your friends, and keep it a secret from your spouse - if your better half loves a good surprise. Or put together your memories in some fashion for you both to enjoy together - an edited reel of your home videos, a greatest hits of your photos. There are many options if you want to play historian for a sentimental 15th anniversary gift.

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Unexpected and Awesome Gifts to Give Her on Your 15th Anniversary

For a 15th wedding anniversary, you can go straight for a traditional gift. The symbolic gifts for 15 years of marriage are crystal or a watch. Or you can go with an out-of-box and from-the-heart anniversary gift that shows her you thought about finding something special. We figured a gift list would help with choosing which way to go, so we put together this long list of 15th anniversary gift ideas just for her.

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