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Editors Notes

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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Special Day

No matter if you’re celebrating your first year of marriage or your 50th, celebrating the day with a gift is a great way to show your partner you care. If you have a special date night or wedding day anniversary coming up, our selection of traditional and modern gifts can help make it all the more unforgettable. When it comes time to shop for an anniversary gift, don’t feel overwhelmed. While there are a lot of gift themes out there, you can’t go wrong with some of these anniversary gift ideas.


Pamper your partner

with personalized fleece bathrobes, a custom love coupon book, and engraved wine glasses. Creating a gift basket with these items is perfect for spending a romantic night at home.


Share an unforgettable experience

on a helicopter tour, zip-lining, or learning to fly. This is the perfect gift if your partner loves adventure.


Celebrate your love

with a personalized piece of art, love storybook, or picture frame. These uncommon goods are truly one-of-a-kind ways to tastefully display your love alongside your other home decor.


Cook a romantic meal together

with a variety of the month club subscription or virtual cooking class. And don’t forget accompaniments like a personalized baking dish or engraved grilling set. This is a great alternative to going out to eat for your anniversary while bonding over cooking and sharing a meal.



is a traditional gift for any anniversary. Present her with a heart-shaped necklace or engraved bracelet with a personalized message or your wedding date. And jewelry isn’t just for her. Gift him with sterling silver cufflinks he’s sure to cherish (and use) for years to come.

Expert Tips

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Anniversary Gift Ideas By Year

If these anniversary gift ideas aren’t catching your eye, see if more traditional gifts can inspire you. Every anniversary year has a corresponding gift theme. While no one truly knows where this tradition comes from, it can be a good place to start your shopping journey. Here are a few anniversary gift ideas based on the year:


1st Anniversary

Paper, like an important date book or personalized coupons


2nd Anniversary

Cotton, like new sheets or personalized couple pillowcases


3rd Anniversary

Leather, like a new wallet or padfolio


4th Anniversary

Fruit or flowers that you can gift through a monthly subscription


5th Anniversary

Wood, like a personalized sign or wood dresser valet


6th Anniversary

Candy or iron, like an iron sculpture of a red rose


7th Anniversary

Wool or copper, either a cozy blanket or new copper cups, respectively


8th Anniversary

Pottery or bronze, such as a customer vase


9th Anniversary

Willow or pottery, like a woven picnic basket for a park date


10th Anniversary

Tin or aluminum, like an engraved necklace


Other anniversary gifts by year

include stainless steel, silk, crystal, wine, and more. These anniversary gift ideas are just the start of what you can present to your partner on this special occasion. Not finding what you would like? Check out our personalized gifts on our wedding page.

Gift Guides

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Traditional and Out-of-Box Ideas for Milestone Anniversaries

Whether you're celebrating your first or 50th anniversary together, the question of what to give your one-and-only perplexes most. And no doubt you're aware there are traditional guidelines for wedding anniversary gifts (much like anything related to weddings!). We love a blueprint for gift shopping, but we also like to think of gifts that are off someone's radar (but simply fantastic!). That's why we enlisted the help of Nancy Laboz, creator and proprietress of Parcel, which is a one-of-a-kind shop focused on unexpected gifts, unique paper goods, and vintage collections. Here, Nancy shares her expert tips on scouting the best anniversary gifts for your love.

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The Best Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Better Half

If the wedding is a celebration, then the actual marriage is a journey. Of course, journeys have highs and lows, but anniversaries come in to help you press pause. An anniversary marks where you are right now — and celebrates the day it all began. In other words, anniversaries are kind of a big deal! So you want a stellar gift prepped and ready. We’ve got you covered with this ultimate list of anniversary gifts.

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