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Gear Up to Find Biking Gifts For Him or Her

You know your bike lover likes to feel the breeze blowing, looks forward to a comfortable ride with a sweet view and hopefully smiles at the sight of the cycling gift you're about to deliver. If your mind has been spinning with no gift idea in sight, get pumped for this handy-dandy guide to scouting cycle gifts for him or for her. At the start, you want to coast through what you know to figure out what you need to find out (and start snooping for some clues!). Here's a spin-worthy list to train your eye to finding the best bike lovers gifts.


Cruising Terrain

First things first. Make sure you can answer the question of whether your bike lover is into road biking or mountain biking. If the answer is road biking, then you want to know whether your cyclist is a cruiser or racer? Biking for exercise or biking around town? If you don’t know the cycling terrain, you won’t be able to hone in on the right gift.


Crash and Burn

If he’s an avid mountain biker who inevitably takes some spills in the rough terrain, think about gear that needs replacing as cycle gifts for him. For example, helmets are a big deal —  once you’ve crashed hard, you need to replace it.


Digital Age

When you don’t know much about your cyclist’s needs, cycling gifts that play on the latest-and-greatest in technology are a great track to follow. Whether the cyclist is in training or your bike lover likes to set safe routes with bike lanes, there are cool gadgets to help. It’s gifting made easy when you don’t know about sizing and style for wearables.


Bike Dwellings

Is your cyclist a city dweller or does she live in a house complete with a mudroom and garage? You want to consider your cyclist’s dwellings to think on how the bike is likely stored. Storage accessories make a practical gift idea for cyclists — just be sure to snoop around first to find out how the bike is stored already.


MVP For Bikes

Think about upgrading or adding to the accessories and bike parts that get used — and wear out. Lightweight tire pumps and tire repair kits are essentials. And handlebars get well-worn — you can look into having theirs refinished with quality leather grips (stealthily if you want it to be a surprise!) .


Mamas and the Papas

If your cyclist has a kiddo over age one, consider a cycling gift that’s for the whole family. You can pitch in with accessories for the youngest biker.


Adorable Add-Ons

When you’re looking for cycling gifts for her, be sure you keep in mind all the accessories! She can ride her bike around town with everything from a sweet basket, cutie bells, and durable saddlebags for hauling picks from the farmer’s market.  


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