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How to Perk Up Your Coffee Gift Shopping Game

Upon brewing over possible coffee gifts, remember coffee is more than a morning drink, more than an interest - it's fuel for the soul for true coffee lovers. Some coffee drinkers cannot awaken the brain until there is a full cup in hand. Check any coffeeshop menu - with lattes, coconut milk, vanilla bean flavors, and hand-poured goodness - and you'll see the variations for how to take your coffee goes way beyond the question of milk or sugar. With that in mind, we have sweetened the experience of gift shopping in this guide to ordering up the perfect coffee lover gifts.


Morning Wakeup

You know a loved one is not a morning person, because you hear all about how hard it is to get up and out of bed. With a little sleuthing, you’ll likely discover there’s no coffee ready-brewed with the sunrise. Think on coffee lover gifts that make it easier to have coffee ready for the morning shuffle.


In and Out

For coffee gifts for him, think about how much effort he wants to put into his cup of joe. If convenience is key, look for coffee concoctions (like pod coffeemakers) that make it easy and fast — with no cleanup — to get your caffeine fix.


Flavor Match

For true coffee connoisseurs, any bag of coffee just won’t do. Dark or light roast? Grind at home? There are lots of specifics to note. If you can, snap a photo of your coffee lover’s coffee supply at home. If that's mission impossible, ask her partner what she likes so you get it right with coffee gifts for her


Perfect Mug

Mugs may have all different styles, but they give the coffee lover the same wrap-around warm feeling. The key is the design — your coffee drinker may prefer a glazed ceramic handmade beauty or a mug with a funny quip featured. Do some snooping around to find out which style is the best fit.


Traveling Joe

If your coffee drinks loves to travel, camp, and backpack, think on coffee lover gifts that make it easy to enjoy portable coffee — and never go without your cup of joe.


While Supplies Last

Maybe you’ve heard your coffee drinker talk about their love of the holiday roast. Maybe you’ve simply done some stealthy sleuthing (asked spouse?) and know this to be true. However you got your tip, stock up on the limited-time beans as the perfect Christmas coffee drinker gifts.


Coffeeshop Cool

For your cup-of-joe-fans, another way to uncover gift ideas is asking what’s their favorite coffeeshop. Maybe it’s some funky local café. See if you can swing by to check it out, as the coffeeshop could inspire your gift. Think anything from the way the coffeeshop is decorated (cool art prints on the wall?) to the mugs they use for café au lait.


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