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How to Put the Pedal to the Metal and Find the Best Car Gifts

You're on the gift hunt, and know what he likes, and that's cars. But back up, you're not about to buy a car for him! And the Hot Wheels are for kiddos - those usually don't work as car gifts for grown men. So you're stuck! Roll through these tips for finding car lover gifts, and you'll be back in gear to find just the right gift.


Keyed In

Think about what your guy likes besides cars (Sports team? Special city? Favorite hot sauce?). And then look for car-related guy gifts  — like a special key chain — that plays to that interest. If a favorite something doesn’t come to mind, do some snooping to see what he’s been sharing on Facebook or how he decorates his desk.


Pedal to the Metal

The next best thing to owning a rad car is experiencing it in person. Car lover gifts can be anything from a day at the races to a once-in-a-lifetime drive in a race car. See if you can find out what car experience is on his bucket list.


Easy Maintenance

Car gifts for men are the perfect gift route if he’s the guy who likes to tinker with his car. See if you can find out what’s already in the toolbox for his car — with some snooping or asking around. Practical gifts for the car, like a portable tire inflator, are extra helpful for anyone who’s into fixing his own car.


Moving Parts

She loves her wheels and you want to find car gifts for her to make her ride even sweeter. The next time you’re catching a ride, observe how she plays music, gets directions to places, and think on any accessories she may need — like a mount for her smartphone that she uses like a GPS.


Current Wheels

Maybe you’re shopping for a car lover who happens to be driving around in a 10-year-old clunker. Consider gifts that upgrade his older wheels so he can live the car dream in some small ways. For example, think about how you could upgrade his stereo. With a bluetooth cassette adapter, you can listen to music from a bluetooth device (like your phone) even in old cars.


Happy Place

Is dad always in the garage working on his car? Is that his happy place? Then look to ways to make the garage feel more like a special space for him to work. You can look for personalized gifts for the garage, like a sign for the wall, or other ways to decorate the garage as car lover gifts.


Eye Candy

For car enthusiasts, cars sure are pretty. See if you see signs of cars elsewhere in his house — a coffee table book on antique cars, a cool car print, or little accents for the home or accessories with a car theme. Then find car enthusiast gifts that add to the collection.


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