Best Gifts for Grandmother

Our gift experts have curated 272 unique and thoughtful gifts for grandmother

Best Gifts for Grandmother:Prank Pack Nap Sack
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Coffee Mug Warmer
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Goodnight IPad
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Prescription Coffee Mug
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:The Donut Mug
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Book Safe With Key
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Wine Tool Set Bottle
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Aromatherapy Candles
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:EZ Off Jar Opener
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Wine And Beer Soap
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Wine Saver Vacuum Pump
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Melting Clock
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Herb Garden Starter Kit
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Death Wish Coffee
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Prepara Herb Savor
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Zinzig Wine Game
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Magic Opener
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Orchid Jewelry Tree
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Double-Wall Coffee Mug
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Innovative Bread Maker
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Never Have I Ever
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Smartphone Thermometer
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Best Gifts for Grandmother:Canon Wind Chime
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Expert Tips

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How to Find Gift Ideas for Grandmothers Who Rock

Grandmothers are all heart. Whether you're shopping for your own grandmother or the grandmother to your children, you want your choice to reflect the utter generosity and pure love that this extraordinary woman demonstrates on a daily basis. Here are some suggestions to set your wheels in motion.


Honor Grandma, the Rule-Breaker

Remember when grandma would let your stick your hand in the cookie jar - before dinnertime? Or let you stay up way past your bedtime? Those little luxuries are what separates grandmas from moms! So show her you cherished those memorable moments with a customized cookie jar or a set of DVDs - then introduce her to the concept of all-night binge-watching!


Keep Her Healthy

A memory game or crossword puzzles will keep grandma's mind sharp. At-home salon or exercise equipment will keep her body in shape. Show grandma you want her around - and in tip-top shape - for a very long time.


Comfort Her

Grandma comforted you. She comforts your kids. She deserves to be comforted too. A cozy blanket, cushion-y slippers, or a sleep-sound machine will help her feel just as nurtured as she makes other people feel. These gift ideas for grandmothers say, "Thanks for the unconditional love."


Put Her Grandchildren Front and Center

Anything featuring those little faces she loves - be in a picture frame, a mug, a tee-shirt, a tote bag - will make grandma's on face light up whenever she looks at it. Never underestimate how much she adores your little ones.


Glam Her Up

If the grandma you're shopping for takes pride in her appearance, give her something to help her be as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. A bracelet, necklace, hair accessory, or handbag are great gift ideas for grandmothers who double as style divas.


Help Her Hack Her Life

Grandma pioneered the life hack! Gift her with something that makes everyday chores easier, quicker, and more brilliant. Dig around for something extra clever.

Gift Guides

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You Want In on this Sweet Gift List of Ideas for Grandma

There’s an understandable pressure to buying a gift for Grandma — someone who likes what she likes and already owns everything she needs. Here's where some gift-giving help comes in handy, as every grandmother is not the same. We thought about the gifts that will feel unexpected, and the gifts that she'll love to use. It's all here in this long gift list of ideas for you (or for all of you) to give Grandma something special.

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