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Find over 10 best hipster gift ideas (under $200) in 2024

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The Free-Spirited Guide to Shopping for Hipsters

The label "hipster" gets passed around as much as a good meme on Facebook. But you can't lump all hipsters together - that would be most uncool. Take a peek into this guide of the many types of hipsters you may encounter, from the free spirits to the ironic trendsetters. Then you can tune into how to shop for the hipster in your life. Peace out!


Psychedelic Hipsters

These free spirits may have started the hipster craze, with their love of jam bands, ukuleles, and a psychedelic-hipster sense of style. If you’re shopping for a gift to wrap up, clue into style terms like “tribal”, or look for experience gifts — like tickets for the next live show.


DIY Hipsters

There’s a modern type of hipsters who you’ve probably bumped into on Pinterest. These DIY hipsters like to make cool things by hand. They’re dying their sheets in indigo and knitting pompom hats out of natural wools. Follow what they’ve been pinning and then give them supplies to make the next project.



Some hipsters fall into the ironic camp. You may sense an anti-authority vibe, and you may see these hipsters in vintage tees when you’d expect to see them in a proper button-down shirt. Stick with gifts that zero in on their style cues.


Suburban Hipsters

You’ll catch some hipsters in the ‘burbs, driving around in a Prius with their fleet of reusable bags in the trunk ready for grocery shopping. These hipsters are living the dream of making good money, and making eco choices in what they purchase. Environmentally-smart gifts are always a safe bet for this crew.  


Folksy Hipsters

A modern flock of hipsters listen to indie folk music (likely on a new record player) with ‘70s inspired fashion from vintage apparel down to the oversized sunglasses. Search for “modern folk” and you’ll hit on some great gift ideas for these trendsetting hipsters.


Healthy Hipsters

Walk through a natural food market and you’ll discover the healthy hipsters who make their own almond milk and build in daily meditations. You can also tap into gift ideas at these markets, or search for gifts that help them find more “mindfulness”.


Hipster Elites

Some creatives get termed hipsters much to their insistence that they are artists, first and foremost. So steer away from any gifts that share a hipster label and go for gifts that honor the artistic expression they love so fiercely.


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