Beach Gift Ideas (Under $200)

Find over 2 best beach gift ideas (under $200) in 2024

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How to Surf Through the Sea of Beach Lover Gifts

Some people can't imagine living anywhere that's not by the sea. Other people opt for the beach and sunshine whenever it comes to planning a little vacay. For your favorite beach lover, gifts inspired by the sea will be seen as a treasure. Here's how to take inspiration from the sand, surf, and sea to find beach gifts for her (or for him) that feel as rare and lucky as a sand dollar.


Sea Treasures

Don’t overlook the obvious when brainstorming beach gifts for him or her. There are so many ways to bring in finds from the sea — from seashells in every shape imaginable to seaglass, pebbles, and sand dollars. Look for sea treasures found in desk accessories to jewelry. You’ll be gifting found luck to your beach lover.


Tastes of the Seashore

Ask what your beach lover’s favorite thing is to eat at the beach. Maybe it’s saltwater taffy from the boardwalk, or a simple vanilla cone with sprinkles. Even if you can’t gift the actual food (ice cream doesn’t ship well!), you can think on ideas inspired by their favorite seashore treat.


Smells Like the Sea

Beach scents have a magical way of instantly dropping shoulders, freshening spirits, and relaxing the mind. Look for ways to bottle that scent when thinking on beach gifts for her. Whether it’s straight-up fragrance or scented candles and lotions to remind you of that dreamy beach escape.


Words of the Sea

The beach is everyone’s muse. Look for gift items that inspire that beach mindset in words (like relax).  With beach gifts for her, scout out charms to wear with inspiring words as a reminder of the beach.


Kitschy Beachy

Keep an eye out next time you’re in her home. Does she have kitschy plaque hung up about chillin’ on the beach? Then you’re in the clear with choosing some fun decorative beach art as a funny beach-inspired gift.


Game On

For some beach regulars, laying out on a towel for hours is not the beach dream. Think on games and activities for beach lovers who enjoy keeping busy and playing on the beach.


Sea Palette

Beach themed gifts don’t need to be of the literal sort. Get inspired by the colors of the sea and put together gifts (from art to wearable accessories) that draw on the turquoise blue waves and sandy beaches.


Surf's Up

If he's all about the gnarly waves, then scout out surfing gifts that help your beach lover soak up his favorite part of the beach. Head to the local surf shop for advice from a surf pro on what would make a great gift in your budget. 


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