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Your Guide to Fabulous 50th Birthday Gifts
A 50th birthday gift feels like it should be monumental. Someone in your life has hit the half-century mark, after all! Don't stress: We have ideas for the perfect 50th birthday gifts for anyone in your life:

For a co-worker
Go with a thoughtful gift that has a practical on-the-job use, like a travel mug, a mouse pad, or a pen set with a celebratory or humorous message, depending on the recipient's personality.

For a spouse
Half a century is nothing to trifle with - go big. You know your partner, so you'll know whether that means a trip to an exotic destination, a small box with sparkling jewelry, or a book detailing of your life's memories together. 

For a relative
Family photos are always a meaningful way to mark the passage of time. Get a fantastic group shot put into an engraved frame, or turn a favorite picture into artwork that they'll cherish for years to come. 

For a neighbor
A delightful basket of goodies is a gorgeous way to say Happy Birthday! and treat a neighbor-friend right. Leave it on the porch in its perfectly wrapped form and wait to get invited over to share.

For a best friend
You may know your best friend better than their family does, so dig deep and recall conversations you've had in order to consider his or her desires. Would he love some at-home spa equipment and accessories? Has she had her eye on a fun but impractical gift, like the perfect wine glass set or a day of race car driving? Spring for it!

For a parent
They've always loved homemade gifts from their kids, and a 50th birthday is no time to stray from tradition. Up your game with a keepsake jar full of favorite family memories, written by you, or a personalized family tree that spans the generations.