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Gifts for Kids:Robotic Arm DIY Kit
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Expert Tips

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Choosing Wow-Worthy Gifts For Kids

One of the best parts about giving gifts to kids is seeing their reactions - the giant, silly smiles, the dramatic "Wow!", and the unmistakable glee. Who doesn't want that kind of pick me up in their day? But of course, it all starts with finding the right present - those little ones in your life deserve something as awesome as they are! Here's what to keep in mind when searching for the perfect gifts for kids.


Interview them

Adults may be too polite to let you know what they're dreaming of, but chances are, if you ask anyone under the age of ten what they want the most, they'll happily let you know. Don't want to get so specific? Ask about their hobbies, what they did last weekend, or what books and TV shows they like for clues.


Go back in time

As for yourself what you loved as a kid and let that guide you. Was it a book series that stands the test of time? An old-school game that sent you into heaps of giggles? Chances are that gifts for kids that wowed back then will delight modern-day kiddos as well.


Think movement

Lots of movement. Kids need to run, stretch, play, and move - so any gift that encourages any of the above is sure to be a hit. Think a trip to a miniature golf course to a rock-climbing class for all ages.


Encourage new skills

Toys don't have to be branded as "educational" to teach something new - look out for gifts for kids that will help draw out and nurture skills at any age. From simple shape-sorting color-based games for toddlers to games requiring strategy for older kids. 


Give them a grown-up treat

There's a reason kids are constantly copying their older siblings and parents: They can't wait to grow up! Indulge their fantasy by treating them to a special lunch with cloth napkins - a little date just for the two of you! 


Let their name be the star

As far as kids are concerned, their name is the world's greatest brand name. So bring on the wall decor, pencil cases, and backpacks emblazoned with their very own moniker. 


When all else fails, go silly

A funny wig, fake snot, a goofy tee-shirt - kids love to laugh, and anything that appeals to their sense of humor is a clear winner!

Gift Guides

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Insider's Guide to the Best Gift Ideas for Kids

Shopping for kids is an entirely different game than shopping for adults. With kid gifts, there’s no thinking of gifts along the lines of practical or pretty, sweet or useful. There is simply one category that all kid gifts should fall into — and that is fun. Now that that’s sorted out, what are these super fun gifts for kids? Scroll down this ultimate gift guide that makes shopping for kids (in one word), easy.

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