Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens

Find over 237 best gifts for 19 year old teens in 2024

Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Tool Kit For Dorm
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Quadcopter Drone
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Amazon Echo
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Light Up Hoodies
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:3Doodler 3D Pen
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:All-In-One Makeup Set
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Macho Man CD Holder
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Bicycle Pizza Cutter
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Fitbit
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Pebble Smartwatch
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Furry Hairy Slippers
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Gifts for 19 Year Old Teens:Ultimate Survival Kit
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Expert Tips

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5 Steps to Finding the Best Gifts for 19-Year-Olds

For 19-year-olds, there's one year left to squeak by under the labels of "teenager", "youth", or even "kid". Because once you turn 20, all bets are off and you're officially in adult territory. So think about gifts for 19-year-olds that mark this last teenage year for all its glory. We're talking gifts for 19-year-olds that are fun, carefree, or even frivolous. Here's your guide to all the markings of the perfect gifts for 19-year-olds.


Plan an adventure

There are 1700+ adventures in the making. Choose any one from a city tour to an adrenaline-rush activity. If you want a gift that he or she can open, think on a travel accessory or something he'd use in the adventure as an add-on gift. Making memories are the best kind of gifts for 19-year-olds.


Lighten the load

For 19-year-olds in college, there's a lot to be schlepping around - heavy textbooks, wallet, phone, laptop, portable chargers, and the list goes on. Find a cool accessory that makes the load feel a little lighter, like a well-designed pocket tool or a new wallet that doesn't feel like a brick.


Upgrade the space that she calls home

Everyone likes a soft, luxurious towel to wrap yourself in after a shower. Your 19-year-old is no different, except that he or she probably can't afford said towels or the espresso machine for making killer morning coffee. Think on essentials for their living space that upgrade basic dorm life.


Choose gifts without sizes

Accessories - like a pretty bracelet or sporty watch - are safer bets than choosing any fashion gifts for 19-year-olds, where you can easily get the size wrong. Besides, a special accessory feels more like a treat.


Think on gifts for 19-year-olds who like to keep fit

You can go in so many different directions for a fitness-conscious teenager. Sports gear, a running watch, or some cool new sneakers are obvious choices. Or go the alternative route with a gift of a month's gym membership or personal time with a trainer. Celebrate your 19-year-old's passion for staying active.


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Some years just don't get the fanfare associated with other ages. Take 19 year-olds. They just passed the milestone 18th birthday (vote! official adult status!), and then comes age 19, which is the last year before turning 20. Basically, 19 years-old is right smack in the middle of two big milestones, or simply not-quite-in-his-twenties. So keep in mind this simple list of go-to teenage gifts for him — to make 19 feel special all on its own.

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