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How to Reel in Fishing Gift Ideas for Him

The dad or dude who loves to fish is a certain type - he loves his alone time, he loves the open water, and he knows his fishing gear through and through. You, on the other hand, may feel utterly clueless about bait, tackle, and reels. Maybe you think giving a cute colorful lure is a sure bet (nope, chances are that will go unused). But hey, don't abandon the great idea of give him fishing themed gifts. Simply cast out support to find the right gift for your fisherman. Here we go!


Location Location Location

The first thing to consider: where does he fish? Before shopping fishing gifts for dad or fishing gifts for your guy, you need to think about location. Whether he’s fishing in saltwater or freshwater matters in everything from the tackle and gear he’d use to what he’d wear fishing.


Catch and Release

Fishing is a specific sport when it comes to gear, meaning you could even be fishing in the same body of water and use different stuff. Fishing for striper in Long Island Sound requires different bait and lures than if he’s going for blue fish. Lesson: don’t get caught up in gear unless you’ve asked and know the specifics.


General Guide

Think about the basics to scope out fishing gifts for him. Does he fish in sunny waters where a brimmed hat and sunscreen would come in handy? Does he have the essentials like a tackle box and good knife? Think about general solutions or organizers he could use.


Surprise Him

You want to give him a Father’s Day fishing gift that he doesn’t see coming? Find his fishing rods, which will already have reels on. Sneak the reels off and bring them to a fishing store. (It’s easy to take the reels off rods!) For a small cost, you can have them manually respool your dad’s reels with the same line he’s using (they’ll be able to tell from looking at it.) Surprise! He’ll be set with spools for the next fishing trip.


Shop Local

Visit his local bait and tackle shop for gift suggestions. They’re the experts, after all.


What a Novelty

There’s no shortage of fishing novelty gifts (which may be the best route for granddad). If his home already has some fishing-themed plaque in the bath, you know you’ve hit on décor he loves.


License to Fish

When in doubt, and if it’s hard to track down specifics, look into picking up his fishing license for next year. It’s an idea he’s sure to appreciate.


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