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How to Connect with Great Gifts for Your Gamer

Gamers are no longer just dudes, and video games have stepped it up from simple gaming consoles (to fancy 3-D and fantasy worlds). But if you're not a casual, hardcore, or true gamer, you simply are not in the know. What is clear: Your favorite couch potato would be supremely happy if you found the best gifts for gamers - and wrapped it up with a usb cable. Here are tips for shopping for your gamer, so you find a gift that slays.


Console Advice

What kind of gamer are you shopping for? Extra controllers make perfect gift ideas for console gamers. You’ll first want to snoop around to be sure they don’t own a full set of controllers.


Simple Solutions

Music fans love receiving music. So it shouldn’t shock the system to hear that gamers love to receive games. Yes it’s true! But of course, it’s a bummer to open up a gift that you already own. Peek through to see what game titles are in your gamer’s collection — or enlist the help of siblings to undercover what titles are on his wishlist.


Head Gear

Does your gamer have a headset? If you have no clue, you could stealthily find out the answer with a well-timed Facetime call. You want to look for a microphone headset to deliver great hi-fi sound. If you’re feeling out of your league, head to an electronics store where there’s sure to be a gamer expert  to share what’s what.


Safe Gaming

Even if your gamer can perform speedy actions with a finger, you want to consider muscle strain (and carpal tunnel) and over-exerting fingers. Ask if your gamer has a keyboard. Because that’s one practical idea that will make your gamer faster — and help save his fingers, hands, and wrists from tech strain.


Serious Fans

The best gifts for gamers keep them in the action, no matter what. Is your wifi on the slower side or does your gamer complain about missed connections? Then a gift like a router would be an easy way to keep your gamer in the game with no technical interruptions.


On the Move

Are you looking for a budget-minded gift for your gamer’s stocking? Then consider mobile gaming. You can pick up a mobile gaming controller for less than the price of lunch.


Wireless Wonder

Think on gadgets that keep them free of cumbersome wires. More freedom to play!


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