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7 Tips for Tuning into the Best Music Lover Gifts

No matter what kind of music is your jam, bringing in music always seems to lighten the mood in a most magical way. And it's safe to say happiness is hearing a favorite song pop on and the grin that follows as you sing along. Music themed gifts are a surefire way to channel someone's happy meter. With the shopping season before you, let's rock and roll through some ways to shop for music lover gifts. By matching the music gift with your person, you'll create gift-giving harmony.


By Artist

Everyone loves discovering new music. Hence the popularity of music sites like Pandora. If you’re thinking of adding music itself to your music lover’s collection, see if you can peek at his (or her) Pandora or Spotify. Then look into artists who are similar for music gift ideas. Or you can ask what’s on their playlist for inspiration.


Power On

Almost any music device needs to get powered up. If your music lover is constantly running low on battery, look into portable chargers or at-home charging stations as music related gifts. The key here is finding out where that device gets plugged in — if it’s at work, a desk charger would be a better fit.


Extra Extra

For some music accessories, you can always use extras for when one breaks or goes missing — like headphones. Just be sure you’re matching your pick with a similar style that your music lover already owns. For example, does your music fan like earbuds or noise-cancelling headsets?


Special Show

Ask your music lover (or their significant other) about a favorite live show. Think on the show as inspiration for a unique gift — whether it’s a piece of memorabilia or a poster print to remember that concert. Or think ahead to tickets to the band’s next live show.  


So Retro

Think about how your music lover decorates their home — is there a retro or vintage edge to the style? Even in this digital age, what’s old is new, so you may want to turn your attention there. Music gifts like record players are seeing a resurgence.


On the Go

Whether he travels for fun or work, or he’s simply got a longish commute, think about portable music gifts for him to make it easier to listen to tunes on the go.


Peace of Mind

Help your music lover preserve all that digital music. Find out how he’s backing up his music currently, and then look into external hard drives or giving membership to a cloud-based subscription service.  


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