Outdoor Gift Ideas (Under $25)

Find over 8 best outdoor gift ideas (under $25) in 2024

Outdoor Gift Ideas (Under $25):Nightball Foot Ball
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Your Compass to Scouting the Best Outdoor Gifts

Being outdoors gives a fresh jolt to the system - whether you're sleeping under the stars in the deep woods or sipping sangria out on the deck. When he's someone who spends every second possible outdoors in the fresh open air, then that's a great target for gift shopping. Unfortunately, the options for outdoor gifts feel almost as limitless as an open field. Follow this handy guide to scouting ways to shop outdoor gifts for him or her (no matter what outdoorsy activity is their fave.)


Active or Relaxed

Being outdoors can look very different — from snoozing on a hammock to hiking a hardcore mountain trail. Think about how your guy or gal spends time outdoors. If their goal is to relax in the summer sunshine, focus on gifts for chillin’ on the deck, in the backyard, or on the beach. If your loved one never stops moving, focus on the outdoor activities and sports that keep them active.


Home Turf

You’ll want to consider where your nature guy calls home before landing on outdoor gifts for him. In parts of the West Coast, he could spend time outdoors all year in the land of sunshine. If he hails from a four-season state up North, then he’ll be able to make use of winter gear, like ice fishing on frosty New England lakes.


Welcome Addition

One way to tackle outdoor gifts for dad is to build on the outdoor kitchen he’s been setting up. Ask mom if she knows what’s next on the wishlist for their outdoor space (like a smoker that would make a great group gift for him.)  


Outdoor Comforts

Think on ways to add some creature comforts to the great outdoors — everything from outdoor lighting to pads for camping would make handy outdoor Father’s Day gifts.


Indulge Him

Your dad may be the guy who can put two sticks together and have instant fire. Think on outdoor gifts for him that are conveniences he’d never buy for himself. You can do some snooping, but it’s safe to say most 21st century indulgences are not part of his pack — from fire at the touch of a button to an all-in-one speaker and flashlight.


Novice or Expert

Think about experience levels when it comes to choosing outdoor gifts for her or him. For example, if your outdoor-loving sis is a novice to tenting out in the woods, consider gifts that are easy to set up along with a guidebook to camping for beginners. If you’re shopping for an outdoor pro, ask the staff at an outdoor gear store for advice on choosing the right gift.


Simple Fun

Remember some of the best times spent outdoors often involves very little gear or planning. Simply flying a kite in the open sky helps most people find their happy place.


Park Pass

Consider gifting your adventurer with a pass to the beautiful National Parks. If you live near a national park or even an animal sanctuary, check the gift shop — you might score some unusually cool outdoor gift ideas!


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