Whiskey Gift Ideas (Under $25)

Find over 3 best whiskey gift ideas (under $25) in 2024

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7 Neat Ways to Find Gifts for a Whiskey Lover

On the good-to-bad scale of gifting metrics, whiskey gifts measure in as good, or even great. Meaning for your boozehounds, there probably are not many bad whiskey gifts. You're on a different metric system, though. You want your whiskey lover to sip on the best, the limited-edition, the better-than-other whiskey gifts for him. We're here to serve up ideas on where to start before you order any whiskey gifts. Consider it good advice, "old fashioned".


Straight Up Ask

What dark spirits does your whiskey lover enjoy drinking? A casual ask is a great starting point. Significant others and poker buddies will likely be wise to what he prefers.


Whiskey Cook

Apparently there are hundreds of recipes that go well with whiskey! Who knew? Do some hunting around online for a gift that will pair together two things he loves — whiskey and good food.


Get Schooled

For true whiskey nerds, why not consider some literature for the coffee table? If those dark spirits have never graced your glass, it might be best to go chat up ideas at your local bookstore to nail a whiskey reference guide that’s just right.


Neat Finds

Around the holidays, you will inevitably see shops touting whiskey themed Christmas gifts — from stones to chill (but not dilute) whiskey to glassware that’s perfecting for toasting to the year ahead. A little window shopping or web browsing will make it easy to find neat gifts for the whiskey lover.


Travel Booze

Find out if your whiskey lover travels often, for work or pleasure. When you’re looking for more unexpected whiskey gifts for him, you could think about making it easier to travel with his favorite drink. Extra points if you find travel gear that pairs old-fashioned style with cool packaging.


Flavored Treats

They may not be as ubiquitous as chocolate eggs around Easter, but it’s safe to say that come eggnog season, you’ll spot whiskey-flavored treats to give him for Christmas. Whiskey is on trend and chocolate gets mixed up with everything these days. Sweet gift ideas — check.


Old Fashioned

Next time you’re at your local dive bar, pull up a stool and ask your favorite bartender what he’d give a whiskey drinker. You’re bound to uncover some insider ideas for whiskey lover gifts.


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